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Silver Hope Invited to Visit Sichuan Dazhou Economic Development Zone

Invited by the Economic Cooperation of the Dazhou City of Sichuan Province and the Director of the Foreign Affairs Bureau, the managing partner Tao paid a visit to the Dazhou Economic Development Zone on August 21st.

Dazhou City is located in the northeastern part of Sichuan Province. It is located in the heart of Chengdu, Chongqing, and Xi'an, and is the eastern part of Sichuan Province. Dazhou Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level economic development zone, a national new industrial industrialization industrial demonstration base, a national low-carbon industrial pilot park, a national recycling demonstration pilot park, a national energy-saving standardization demonstration zone, and a Sichuan “51025” park development plan. The billion yuan-incubation park has been included in the list of the country's open-area cultivation list, focusing on the incubation of startups that involve“new materials, electronic sub-information, intelligent equipment manufacturing, fine chemical workers and raw production services”. The management area is as large as 143 square kilometers, and the first-stage development area is 55 square kilometers. For 20 square kilometers has been built up. In 2017, the total output value of industrial and industrial enterprises was 17 billion yuan, the fixed assets investment of the whole society was 11.95 billion yuan, and the regional GDP was 5.325 billion yuan.

熙弘投资受四川省达州市经济合作和外事局王局⻓长邀请,于8⽉月21⽇日应邀⾄至达州经开 区进⾏行行参观考察。

达州市地处四川省东北北部,位于成都、重庆、⻄西安三⼤大名城交汇辐射的中⼼心地带,是 四川省对外开放的东⼤大⻔门。达州经济开发区是省级经济开发区、国家新型⼯工业化产业示范 基地、国家低碳⼯工业试点园区、国家循环化改造示范试点园区、国家节能标准化示范区、 四川省“51025”园区发展计划千亿培育园区,已纳⼊入国开区培育名录名单,重点发展“新材 料料、电⼦子信息、智能装备制造、精细化⼯工和⽣生产性服务业”五⼤大主导产业。管理理⾯面积143平 ⽅方公⾥里里,⾸首期开发⾯面积55平⽅方公⾥里里,建成区⾯面积20平⽅方公⾥里里。2017年年,实现⼯工业总产值 170亿元、全社会固定资产投资119.5亿元、地区⽣生产总值53.25亿元。

After a visit to the Economic Development Zone Planning Exhibition Hall, the two parties had a thourough discusiion of the joint venture project that meets the economic characteristics of Dazhou. The Foreign Affairs Bureau of Dazhou Economic and Trade Bureau expressed warm welcome to the special inspection of Xihong Investment and introduced the basic situation of Dazhou City in detail. Mr. Tao Gang, the partner of Xihong Investment, introduced the situation of foreign companies with advanced manufacturing technology and agreed to the preliminary partner program. Director Hu of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee and Director Zhu of the Economic and Investment Bureau, after understanding the situation, said that the company was not very welcome to settle in the Economic Development Zone. Director Hu explained the relevant preferential policies of the city and conducted the promotion plan and Xihong Investment. The line went for a discussion.


宜进⾏行行了了深⼊入沟通,达州市经合外事局对熙弘投资的专程考察表示热烈烈欢迎,并详细介绍 了了达州市的基本情况。熙弘投资合伙⼈人陶刚先⽣生表示介绍了了具有先进制造技术的国外企业 情况,并且同意了了初步的合作⽅方案。经开区管委会胡主任、经投局朱主任了了解情况后,表 示⾮非常欢迎企业落户经开区,胡主任讲解了了市相关优惠政策,并就推进⽅方案与熙弘投资进 ⾏行行了了探讨。

The cooperation has attracted the attention and support of the leaders of Dazhou City. Both parties hope to establish an advanced manufacturing joint venture to provide energy for the upstream and downstream industries, and provide development for the Economic Development Zone, Dazhou City and even Sichuan Province. New power.

此次合作引起了了达州市政府领导的重视与⽀支持,双⽅方都希望通过引进先进制造合资企 业落户,为产业上下游赋能,为经开区、达州市乃⾄至四川省提供发展新动⼒力力。

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