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Silver Hope Investment Signs Strategic Agreement with Weifang

In June 2020, Silver Hope Investment signed the strategic co-operation agreement with the Binhai Weifang Shandong Economic and Technological Development Zones (Binhai EDZ), which will jointly boost regional investment and venture capital.

Weifang Train Station

Binhai EDZ is a national-level development zone, located on the Shandong Peninsula with three sides on the coast. Relying on the advantages of geographical location, there are China-South Korea and China-Japan Free Trade Zones, which are also an important starting point for China's inland economy.

Binhai EDZ is the concentrated development area of China’s marine-related industries and marine economy, and has an important port group. The zone has a special sino-foreign cooperative industrial zone to provide foreign investment and import and export trade with land, talent placement and tax preferences.

Binhai EDZ has the largest artificial white sand beach in the country and holds an international kite festival every year, attracting numourous international tourists. Relying on high-quality ecology, gathering business center, International Finance, CBD business office, catering, leisure and entertainment, medical care, humanities education, building a livable city with comprehensive services.

Silver Hope Investment has the honor to reach an important cooperation withBinhai EDZ, becoming an important bridge between Binhai EDZ resources and foreign enterprises. Silver Hope Investment believes that Binhai EDZ has many leading scientific and technological enterprises and complete industrial sectors. The development of high tech and science here will have great prospects.

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