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Silver Hope Investment invited to participate in the 2019 Suzhou International Entrepreneurship Week


July 10-12, 2019, 2019 (Eleventh) Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week was held in Suzhou. 4,529 high-level talents from 37 countries and regions around the world took 4,653 projects to participate in the docking. As a well-known angel investment company in Shanghai and a professional platform for connecting domestic and foreign capital and projects, Silver Hope (Xihong) Investment was invited to participate in this conference.

本届创业周持续以“汇聚全球智慧 打造创业天堂”为主题,面向苏州战略性新兴产业、先进制造业、现代服务业,着重邀请生物医药、新一代信息技术、纳米技术应用、人工智能等先导产业领域人才和团队参会。此次参会的“门槛”也颇高:4500多名参会嘉宾共携带4653个项目参会对接,其中参会携带项目嘉宾博士占比60.6%、硕士占比35.1%,可谓高端智囊云集。

This year's Entrepreneurship Week continues to focus on “Building a Global Entrepreneurship to Create a Business Paradise”, targeting Suzhou's strategic emerging industries, advanced manufacturing industries, and modern service industries, with a focus on biomedicine, next-generation information technology, nanotechnology applications, and artificial intelligence. Talents and teams from the industry participated. The “threshold” of the conference was also quite high: more than 4,500 participants attended the 4,653 projects, and the number of doctors (with a Ph.D degree) participating in the conference was 60.6%, and the master's ratio was 35.1%.


For now, the total number of talents in Suzhou is 2.76 million, of which high-level talents reach 245,000. Among them, Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week played an important role: Through 10 years of hard work, Entrepreneurship Week has achieved a total of 4,737 talent projects from scratch, from small to large, with a registered capital of 36 billion yuan and annual sales of over 100 million yuan. There are 27 settled enterprises and 12 listed companies in the “New Third Board”. Entrepreneurship Week has become the most important recruiting platform for the city, bringing acceleration and new vitality to Suzhou's reform and development.


To build a talented highland, the support for the tech industry is the foundation. The strong industrial foundaiton and high degree of openness are the development advantages of Suzhou. In 2018, the city achieved a regional GDP of 1.86 trillion yuan, a high-tech industry output value of 1.57 trillion yuan, more than 10,000 industrial enterprises above designated size, a new generation of information technology, biomedicine, nanotechnology applications, artificial intelligence and other four major leading sectors is experiencing explosive growth.


This year, Suzhou has built four domestic invention breeding centers covering Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Dawan District and Mid-China District, forming a complete breeding system covering both domestic and overseas. To gather talents in the world in a more open and flexible way.

此外,为主动融入国际人才竞争,苏州在海外常态化举办“创赢未来”国际创客大赛。今年上半年,国际创客大赛共设立8个赛区,并同步设立创业周海外分会场,累计征集735个项目。最终6个项目在全球总决赛中脱颖而出,斩获一、二、三等奖。 In addition, in order to actively integrate into the international talent competition, Suzhou has established the “Start-up the Future” International Enterpreneur Competition in the overseas. In the first half of this year, the International Enterpreneur Competition set up a total of 8 competition zones, and simultaneously set up an overseas branch of the Entrepreneurship Week, collecting 735 projects. In the end, six projects stood out in the global finals and won the first, second and third prizes.

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