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Easy to Live raised $2.4 million in Pre-A round

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

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Silver Hope Investment is the early investor of, as well as the exclusive financial agent for Easy to Live platform.

36Kr reported that the furniture/appliance rental platform Easy to Live has completed the $2.4 million Pre-A round of financing, the leading investor is Fan Chuang Capital (100% owned by Ant Financial). This round of financing will be used for platform R&D, supply chain optimization, market expansion and business expansion in the upstream and downstream of the industry. Previously, Easy to Live has received the angel round investment of nearly 10 million yuan from Saifu Heyin and Hanwu Venture Capital (pre-angel fund was from Silver Hope Investment).

Easy to Live is a one-stop furniture rental platform for corporate and individual customers. Customers can place orders on the website, Alipay applet, WeChat service number, WeChat small program, easy to live APP, etc. If you encounter problems, you can seek help from the 24-hour customer service system. After the order is placed, you can see the logistics and installation progress. Easy to Live and hope to integrate the furniture appliance and soft assembly sleeve supply chain, provide full-process services such as product raw material collection, distribution, installation and maintenance guarantee; and, in the core city, easy to live with independent warehousing and supply chain logistics to protect the lease Timeliness and quality help customers save one-time input costs and improve quality.

Easy to live has joined the Alipay rental ecology, users through the Alipay small program into the easy to live, you can use Sesame credit to avoid renting. In addition, it is easy to live in the blockchain service of Ant Financial, and complete the business process of leasing through the process of face recognition, content deposit certificate, electronic contract, electronic signature blockchain deposit, policy winding, etc. Chain deposit certificate; and, for the breach of contract pain points, can be submitted to the Internet court online lawsuit judgment, insurance claims. Easy to Live takes advantage of the blockchain technology to make the platform rental process easier and more convenient, while improving risk control.

36Kr has reported that, after two years of development, Easy to Live has transited from heavy assets to heavy operations, and the service customer type has also expanded from C to B. The B-end customers are mainly for long-term rental apartments and government public rental housing. They can easily help them reduce the pressure on one-time investment and increase the rental conversion rate. At present, Vanke Bofang, Shanghai Real Estate's City Apartment, Shanghai Jing'an Public Rental Housing, Hefei Public Rental Housing, Dongguan Guanyu, etc. have reached strategic cooperation with Easy to Live. Easy to Live uses the S2B2C way to service the apartment side of the purchase demand, while reaching the C side for the landlord and tenant.

In addition, the easy-to-live founder Cai Chao mentioned that it is easy to live and develop a multi-platform. First of all, the startup uses AR technology on the platform, so that the users can use mobile phones and 3D glasses to view product configuration effects anytime, anywhere. Secondly, Easy to Live has developed a third-party optimization platform to support furniture appliance suppliers to apply for a platform membership to provide supply chain management and supply chain financial services. Finally, it runs for public welfare, with a light public welfare platform, it serves the renovation and secondary leasing of second-hand furniture and home appliances, promoting green world concept and enhancing the positve social values.

At present, Easy to Live has built more than 10 home appliance cooperation brands and more than 100 ODM factory resources, and established regional companies in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Hefei and other places, serving 10,000 customers. The cumulative contract amount in 2018 is about 50 million. yuan. In the near future, the company will raise an estimation of $5 million in Series A financing, for the purpose of platform development and furniture renovation center.

The core team of Easy to Live has real estate, marketing, internet, supply chain background. The founder once worked for China Overseas Real Estate and Vanke Real Estate. The head of operations and sales used to be the director of channel development for IBM and Lenovo. The heads of product and R&D were from Tencent and Ali. The person in charge of the supply chain has served Debon Logistics.

Enterprises in the field of furnitureleasing are gradually developing. The similar leasing platforms reported by 36Kr have rent, charter, and Jiajia. recently launched a personal credit leasing platform, Jingxiao Rent, and IKEA also announced plans for 2020. Launched a furniture rental business.

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