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Silver Bridge Program for Startups


The world economic pattern in the 21st century has come to a turning point, and the new growth of the world economy has officially begun. China will play a very important role in the future world blueprint. Today, China has a more stable political environment, a better market, a better industrial chain, and a safer society than 20 years ago. With the growth of domestic consumption, the expansion of the middle class and the increase in income, the Chinese people's demand for high-quality and innovative products or services is increasing. The upgrading of industrial capacity and internal consumption stimulation promoted by the Chinese government are important opportunities for corporate development for global entrepreneurs. Pioneer companies and entrepreneurs in North America, the European Union and Southeast Asia have proven to us that the Chinese market is a market with excellent return on investment.

Silver Bridge is a cross-border entrepreneurial service driven by Silver Hope. In the new economic market, Silver Bridge has the resources and capabilities to help many foreign companies solve the problems they face in China. We help entrepreneurs and companies with expansion plans to determine the opportunities in the Chinese market and provide them with customized market entry strategies, marketing strategies, industrial resource allocation, financing services, and legal and compliance consulting.


Before you officially enter the Chinese market, Silver Bridge will provide you with an SBP Report. The content of the report is based on the industry knowledge and experience of local teams and consultants. It provides an analysis of the scale and current situation of the Chinese market, and evaluates the suitability of your business model to the Chinese market (or tailor your business model to adapt to the Chinese market). Your decision-making suggestions for entering the Chinese market.


Why do you need pre-entry market service?

By understanding the world's largest consumer market in advance, it will help you understand the possibility of your business growth, save costs, and minimize risk factors.


When you work with Silver Bridge, our domestic expert team will be committed to providing industry-leading services and support to your business when you need it. Our solutions are based on flexibility and feasibility, allowing you to expand your business with confidence.

Policy & Laws

Establishment of representative office/sales office/joint venture/WFOE

Financial Service

Bank Account Opening, Cash management & FX, Financial Projections & Reports, Raising Fund

Market Research

Market Research, Business Model, Marketing Strategy (product, price, brand, channel)

HR Service

Seeking the best talents for your company or experts in your industry for consultancy

Admin Work

Seeking office space, legal and pay-roll administration

Business Growth

Prototype Manufacture, Marketing Executions, Supply Chain Integration, Cross-border Trade

Expansion Solutions for Mature Corps

Whether you are an entrepreneur, planning to start a business or financing directly in China, or you already have a wealth of business experience and are planning to enter the Chinese market, we can provide more solutions for your expansion plan. Including corporate advisory, company secretarial, accounting services, financial assistance, intellectual property and other cross-border services.

Silver Bridge achieves fruitful cooperation with service customers with flexible, fast-response service and friendly communication. We use a unique menu-style service and only pay for the services you need most. It can be said that we are the most cost-effective enterprise service consulting company.


We can also provide more solutions for your business and choose the services you need.

We make your expansion to China easier and faster.

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