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Silver Hope Investment is a financial institution that combines private equity consulting, mergers and acquisitions consulting, direct investment, research, wealth management and other financial services. We provide one-stop financial services in Mainland China, Canada and the United States. We operate a unique and competitive international network that connects China's capital markets, start-ups and talents with the rest of the world.


In the process of serving our investment clients, Silver Hope found that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with expansion needs have great ambitions for the Chinese market, but there are various factors that make them discouraged. At the same time, in the process of reaching more customers, we found that many products that performed well in foreign countries have the potential to shine in the Chinese market.

About SBS


To better serve the aspiring entrepreneurs and great products to successfully enter the Chinese market, Silver Hope delivers the Silver Bridge services.



People is our greatest asset. 


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Help foreign companies to implement business plans in China with confidence

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