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WE help you succeed in starting a business in China

Why choose China?


The world economic pattern in the 21st century has come to a turning point, and the new growth of the world economy has officially begun. China will play a very important role in the future world blueprint. Today, China has a more stable political environment, a better market, a better industrial chain, and a safer society than 20 years ago. With the growth of domestic consumption, the expansion of the middle class and the increase in income, the Chinese people's demand for high-quality and innovative products or services is increasing. The upgrading of industrial capacity and internal consumption stimulation promoted by the Chinese government are important opportunities for corporate development for global entrepreneurs. Pioneer companies and entrepreneurs in North America, the European Union and Southeast Asia have proven to us that the Chinese market is a market with excellent return on investment.


Silver Bridge is a cross-border entrepreneurial accelerating program driven by Silver Hope Investment, focusing on providing market information, market development, corporate consulting, landing services, talents, capital and other entrepreneurial support for North American growth companies and smart entrepreneurs.


We are committed to becoming your most reliable "Chinese partner" to help you succeed in your business in the Chinese market.


Silver Bridge is a high-quality foreign project recommender certified by many national economic and technological development zones in eastern and southern China. This means that we can regularly recommend potential foreign projects to the government investment department and obtain support from their policies, funds, and venues.

Silverbridge Business Brochure 2021

SBp Report

Preparedness ensures success, unpreparedness spells failure. Before entering the Chinese market, one wise thing to do is to understand the unique nature of the market, your target clients, how the culture affect the consumer's behavior, and whether you should adjust the business model to fit into the local market. The SBP report will give you precise answers for all those questions you care about before you make a decision on your move to China.

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Get a demo SBP report and more valuable info about China and the Chinese market.

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