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We help companies build effective business strategy and realise the tremendous market opportunities in modern China.

Silver Bridge Program

Silver Bridge provides entrepreneurial assistance and corporate services for your growth and expansion in China. Our local experts have many years of insight into the Chinese market and are exceptional at judging market opportunities and minimizing risk factors for entrepreneurship.


On how to enter China successfully by getting prepared in every aspect: the right clients, the right model, the right price, and the right sales channel.

Market Entry Advisory

Help you set up remote office when you want to keep the core team offshore.

Remote Office Admin Service

We cooperate with the best legal and acccounting firms in various industries to provide the most professional service for you.

Legal & Accounting

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 We offer tailored financing plans, projections and fundraising services.

Fundraising & Financing

Be prepared and protect your IP fully before you enter the competitive market.

Intellectual Property Protection

In-depth market research that helps you ensure business growth, save costs and minimize the risk by adapting to the huge & complex market.

Market Entry Service

SBP Report

Preparedness ensures success, unpreparedness spells failure. Before entering the Chinese market, one wise thing to do is to understand the unique nature of the market, your target clients, how the culture affect the consumer's behavior, and whether you should adjust the business model to fit into the local market. The SBP report will give you precise answers for all those questions you care about before you make a decision on your move to China.

Repetitive Lines


Get a demo SBP report and more valuable info about China and the Chinese market.


Unit 509, No. 788 Jinshajiang Rd., Shanghai, China

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